Saturday, January 24, 2009

Noodle Nose

I need to share a story from last week that made me laugh so hard (and everyone who has heard is thus far agrees) about my little Ethan....

The other night we were having spaghetti for supper and Ethan was thoroughly enjoying his meal - you can picture a 19 month old with red sauce right? In anticipation of the messy meal we decided to skip the bib all together for him and have him dine in just his diaper; after he was done eating he had successfully gotten himself completely full of red sauce and needed a bath. Joe and Judah stayed out in the living room while Ethan and I got the rub ready and cleaned him up. During the bath Ethan was sneezing a lot (like 3-4 sneezes in a matter of a few minutes) and I kept of wiping his nose with a tissue (to clean the snot off of course...) at the end of the bath I took him out; wrapped him in a towel; and then he sneezed again.....and there was a little "boogie" hanging out (strangely perfectly shaped though) not thinking anything of it I went to his little nose with a tissue to wipe it off BUT instead it (the so-thought boogie) kept coming....and coming....and coming.....IT WAS A NOODLE! ewwwie. After I got it out I ran out to Joe in the living room and (disgustingly) showed him what was in our sons nose! We both laughed so hard it hurt! I wish I had a picture of poor Ethan's face when it was coming out - he was royally confused!

I can't wait till Ethan's older and I can share this story with him - so far all the guys I've told think it's "cool" and all the ladies think it's "gross" - we'll see what Ethan's response will be then!

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