Monday, March 23, 2009

Photo Shoot

The other night Joe and I attempted a photo shoot with our boys...and got some good ones!

This is one of my favorites! Both boys are looking towards the camera with happy faces!

I love the look on Judah's face in this one:"mom- what's going on? who's holding me? ummmm..."

This one is another keeper - big smiles from Ethan and a happy looking Judah:) A few seconds later little Judah slipped down from Ethan's lap (you can see it happening with Judah's arm up in the air)

I love Ethan's sneaky look on his face in this one and Judah's 'stiff-as-a-board' look....Judah's probably thinking "If I don't move maybe he'll forget I'm here...."

Over all, the photo shoot was WAY too fun and I have so many cute picture now of my two little men:) They were both such good models - and good looking models at that! I think it'll become easier once our little Judah can sit up on his own - then he won't be at the mercy of his older brother:)


  1. It will also be better when they can pose in front of their dad's motorcycle for the photo shoot.