Thursday, May 7, 2009

Leap Laugh Love Learn (and repeat)

This afternoon was quite the afternoon. whew. As soon as a looked away for a second mr. Ethan got into some sort of mischief... here's a selection of mischief he achieved for your enjoyment:

I was gifted some chocolate today as an early Mother's Day gift (yumo!) and Ethan discovered it...

He then brought me to the table and showed me how he climbed up on the chair and reached into the ever tempting box of chocolates - he was able to open the individually wrapped pieces too!
He wasn't too pleased with me after I took away his chocolate fun... don't worry he found more mischief to get into within a few minutes!

I was sitting on the couch cuddling (a very crabby) Judah when I looked down and saw Ethan's hands:
uh oh mom. Ethan had discovered my stamping kit and somehow managed to open it and get into the fun. This is the mess he made:
After cleaning up his hands and the mess on the floor I smelled an odor...a disgusting odor...."Ethan did you poop?" "NO NO NO" --- I don't know WHY anyone would want to stay in a diaper like that...ick. So, I changed his diaper and found this stray stamp mark:
You just have to laugh right? ha ha ha:)

This afternoon I go to LEAP from my chair (to prevent further chocolate consumption or ink destruction), LAUGH at the mess that was made, LOVE the little mr. that was responsible, and LEARN that my almost 2 year old is getting more curious (and to not leave sweets or ink accessible!)

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