Friday, July 17, 2009


Ethan and Judah are starting to interact more and more each day - it's so much fun to see! Ethan loves to play with his little brother...

Here's Ethan giving Judah a 'hug' - both boys were giggling and giggling! Since this, Ethan has been into giving Judah hugs on the floor - Judah gets this huge SMILE when he gets attention from his big brother:)
The other day, Judah decided he wanted to sit up. He's not super stable with his sitting but he sure does enjoy it! My two boys sat across from each other and played with the 'tool bench' for a good long time. I think Ethan was excited to have Judah sitting and playing 'with' him.

Ethan and Judah; my two little cuties; who are turning into two little buddies!

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