Monday, February 15, 2010

Chips Please?

Mr. Judah is quite the mischief maker.

Today I left a bag of tortilla chips on the coffee table sealed with a chip-clip. Judah woke up from his nap and I brought him out to play with me in the living room. I took a phone call and looked over to check on him....

...he had discovered the sealed bag of chips; somehow managed to get the clip off to; and was enjoying a little snack (and mess) of chips! When he noticed that I saw him he started grinning and laughing..that little stinker!

I wasn't able to get a picture of this particular mischievous plan (because I wanted to selvage the chips!) but here's one of our littlest crazy man:
He found an empty cupboard at our condo at the waterpark and crawled right in. Multiple times over multiple days. Like I said: mischief maker.

I should go now...I can hear my mr. Judah under the desk by my feet getting into the trash and playing with it....oh man. I love this kid!

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