Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Like Mama

My big boys love to imitate me; it's absolutely adorable! You can totally tell what they watch all day (ME) - Copying is a form of flattering right? something like that...

I made (ie: cut and tied long pieces of fabric together) WRAPS for my big boys. They see me 'wear' Isaac in my Moby and like to 'wear' their babies (Judah's Panda and Ethan's Bear)
Ethan will wear his Bear for hours at a time! It's too stinkin' cute.
I haven't gotten a picture of this yet - but Judah likes to nurse his Panda -- I've (tried to) explain that only mama's can nurse babies...I think he gets it:)

On another Judah note: we've been potty training on-and-off for a loooong time with him and it just wasn't sticking...well folks - IT STUCK! Hooray! We're on day FOUR of underwear all day and he's even doing his 'business' in the toilet (BM!) Hip Hip Hooray! I do a little happy dance every time I realize what is happening:) It's been a long road with him. Major humbling experience for me as a mom....Ethan literally trained HIMSELF at 2.5 years old. seriously. So, I figured all my kids would be potty pros at a young age - insert sweet mr. Judah:) He still got it before 3 though so that's good...his birthday is in 3 weeks! He is SOO proud of himself - he tells everyone that he's in underwear and that he goes 'bubbles' in the toilet - only a toddler could get away with that kind of talk right?

Well, my little babe Isaac is calling my name (waaaaa-waaaa)

Blog to ya later.....

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