Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Judah's 3!

My dear Judah is THREE years old! Yesterday was his birthday - I can still clearly remember the day he was born and the time that little man was born 4 weeks early and spent 9 days in NICU. It's hard to believe that was THREE years ago!

Since his birthday is right after Christmas (the 27th sneaks up fast) we tend to keep his actual birthday low-key and spread out his celebrations after Christmas. He has a birthday party this Sunday and another one next Saturday. Lucky kid - he gets four weekends with presents (two for Christmas and two for his birthday!)

On Monday (day after Christmas, day before his birthday) Joe and I went shopping for his present. A few weeks ago Ethan made a pop-up book for Judah and had it wrapped and hidden under the table - he was so excited to give it to him!

Here's Ethan proudly showing Judah his gift - I wished I would've thought to record their interactions; it was ADORABLE.
Ethan: Judah, I made you a pop-up book!
Judah: Thank you Ethan!
Ethan: You're welcome.
Joe and I wrapped our gift in a Captain America bag - Judah loves the bag almost as much as the gift. Simple things right?
We got him a Green Lantern Jet and Action Figure - he LOVES it.
We also found a 'Golden Books' book about Super-Heros! Score! I think I've read it to him about 100 times so far.
After a relatively normal day we went out as a family to IHOP for a special birthday dinner! Yum! Judah was so excited and acted all big-boy while ordering his food. I love that IHOP puts their kids meal options in picture form on their kids coloring page - GENIUS. Why don't other places do that? It was so simple to have the kids look at the pictures and choose from that. The boys even had ice cream sundaes as a special birthday dessert:)

We had a wonderful birthday-day as a family!

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*I was reading through my older posts and in one of them I have 8 days in NICU and the other 9 days...when do you start counting...the day he was born or the next day? He was born Saturday and discharged the following Sunday (you count Saturday it's 9 days, don't count Saturday it's 8)

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