Monday, February 2, 2009

TMNT fun

The other day Joe found his TMNT action figures and gave them to Ethan to play with. Ethan is turning into such a big boy playing with action seems just like yesterday he was laying on the floor coo-ing at baby he's moved on to bigger, more sophisticated toys!
It's so fun to see him using his imagination when playing - he was having the turtles 'fight' each other - sound effects and all!

He wanted to share the joy of playing with TMNT toys so he let little Judah have a turn with them. Judah wasn't too sure what to do with them; feeling the head is just fine for a 5 week old I say! I'm glad that Ethan loves to share with Judah...
It's so fun how rediscovering some old toys can be entertainment for the whole morning! Ethan played with those action figures for a long time - Daddy was so proud! (Joe loves TMNT...yes present tense 'loves' not 'loved') and I love my boys! Here's looking forward to many years of action figures, cars, trucks and other 'boyish' fun!

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