Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 on Tuesday....what a Tuesday....

Oh my. Today was quite the day; my dear Ethan must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something! So most of my '10 on Tuesday' will literally be from this Tuesday!

1. We went to the YMCA this morning and Ethan wasn't happy with the parking spot I chose....45 minutes later we made it in the door. Needless to say I have a VERY strong willed child...but I am stronger!

2. Ethan took his sweet-ole-time getting to rest time; the time of the day we lounge on the couch and watch a movie and (most of the time) take a little nap. FINALLY he settled in and took a nice little nap.

3. We meet my mom and grandma at Dairy Queen for an afternoon treat and Ethan took a good 15 minutes deciding what he wanted - thankfully we are all patient! (He ended up picking a lemonade-slushy which was delish...I went and got one once I was done with my blizzard!)

4. Judah enjoyed quite a bit of my lemonade-slushy....a little too much....as we were walking to the van he puked all over my mom. She handled it like a pro!

5. Since it was steamy hot out we went to the beach; Ethan and Judah are both turning into little fish!

6. Leaving the beach was a different story - Ethan did NOT want to leave. Yep - he was carried screaming to the shower to rinse off. Awesome.

7. Dinner: Culver's as a special treat and dinner itself went fine - Dessert: vanilla ice cream with m&m's....ended up all over me as Ethan flipped his bowl and the melted ice cream and melted chocolate dripped down my bare leg. sweet:)

8. Went outside to finish eating dessert and I stepped in a large pile of melted chocolate ice cream - hey my sandals needed a wash anyways!

9. Came home....and Ethan 'relieved' himself in the bathroom (ie: poopy) and after that he was a different kid! All nice, kind and polite! We read books and he was cuddly the whole time!

10. While praying with Ethan at bedtime he thanked God for 'mommy'....warms my heart!

All in all - it was a crazy day with Ethan pushing many of my buttons but at the end of the day I just LAUGH it off! I love him and I know he loves me:) Most of all I know God loves me and that He won't give me any more than I can handle...even on days like today! Tomorrow's a new day...bring it!

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