Wednesday, April 13, 2011

17 Weeks!

How Far Along: 17 weeks:)

Size of baby: About the size of a turnip (thanks,!)

Milestones: Baby can move their joints, and their sweat glands are starting to develop. love the details:) (thanks again,!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 6 pounds...

Maternity Clothes: Tops: maternity and regular a size (or 2) up. Bottoms: Jeans with my BeBand or my wonderful sweats:) My maternity workout bottoms (capris, pants and shorts) came in the mail yesterday - I wore them today at the gym and OH MAN they are comfy!

Gender: find out in 3 weeks!

Movement: Oh yes! Mainly in the evenings when I stop moving or when I'm sitting outside watching the kids play - LOVE IT!

Sleep: I'm still napping everyday and having some trouble falling asleep at night....but once I am asleep I love it....ohhh sleep how I love you:)

What I miss: Perhaps not sleeping every afternoon away..perhaps not though; sleep is a good thing:)

Cravings: I went out to eat with a girlfriend last week at an Asian place and had the BEST Tiger Pork - not sure what made it sooo good but I've been craving it since then! Anti-craving: I haven't been able to stomach chicken (weird huh?) since about 5 weeks and tried it again the other night....still can't stomach it. We'll try it again in a few weeks;)

Symptoms: Baby Bump. Lots of movement. Sleepy:)

Best Moment This Week: This morning at the Y there was a mix-up and there was no instructor for our class...long story short - they asked me to step in and teach! Of course I said yes:) In case you didn't know I was training to teach last summer but due to my miscarriage I had to step down, so I know all the choreography but I'm not 'certified'.

We had a 'certified' instructor stand in the studio while I taught (since I'm not certified) and it was soo fun! I got to wear the Brittany mic-headset too! (It's a dance - Latin Hip Hop class...)

I guess it's pregnancy related in that I taught 45 min straight (we lost 15 min trying to figure out where the instructors where!) while 17 weeks pregnant! I kept it low-impact (no jumping) but still shook it with the best of them:) Teaching the class is definitely the highlight of my week!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Countdown to the Ultrasound! 3 weeks:) I am so excited to see the little babe and discover (hopefully) the gender!

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