Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My smart boy...

The other day I was nursing Judah and Ethan was entertaining himself (nice eh?), and I could hear him saying his colors while playing. He says them so cute: yellow = lellow; blue = boo; red = bed; green = duwieen; orange = errr

After I finished nursing Judah I went over to the bench where he was playing and this is what I found!
Impressive huh? He put all the like colors together! Now, I'm no early childhood specialist but I think that's pretty smart for a 22 month old...I may be biased though:)
He was proud of himself too!

This morning, while getting ready for ECFE, I had Judah laying on the floor (a common occurrence at our house) and Ethan was playing - then he decided he wanted to play with Judah! He went over to him and laid down next to him; Ethan thought it was THE funniest thing when Judah would 'tickle' him (ie: randomly move his arm and accidentally hit Ethan in the tummy!) I love it that Ethan enjoys Judah and is not 'jealous' of his little brother!

I can only imagine how their 'playing' is going to evolve when Judah gets a little older....