Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Fun!

Winter is here! I wish I could be excited about the cold (I'm not) but I am excited to see my big boy Ethan play in the snow more this year. With Judah being born last December Ethan didn't get much of a chance to explore the wonderful, white, wintery bliss we call snow! After our first big snowfall I took Ethan out in the front yard..we lasted about 5 minutes...too cold. During those 5 minutes though we saw the plow clear our driveway, saw our breath and sat in a big pile of snow!
We then came in and enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate (which I later discovered make mr. Ethan VERY HYPER!)

Earlier this winter we made cookies with Grandma Mancuso and Ethan had so much fun! He really got into rolling out the dough and cutting out the cookie shapes.
He had so much fun we decided to make some more at home for our this batch of cookies he was a complete pro! Too much fun!
I love my little helper! He's getting to the age where he really can help:) And who doesn't mind tons of frosted sugar cookies around the house? yummy....
Those aprons really came in handy for all our flying flour! Oh how I love being a mommy:)

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