Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 on Tuesday on Wednesday

1. wow - I'm getting really bad at getting my 10 up on Tuesdays! Can I blame it on the fact that Joe's home on Tuesday evenings now? I sure can and will.

2. I think Ethan's having a growth spurt - that kid eats SO much now! And is always hungry...always! Good thing he's eating lots of healthy foods: 3rd helpings of broccoli is a win in my book!

3. During rest time today; aka: Ethan watching a movie while I rest; Ethan actually FELL ASLEEP! Another clue to his possible growth spurt...sleeping during the day!

4. My boys are obsessed with bubble baths! They would take one every night if I let them...sometimes I do:) They took one tonight and I got a little carried away with the bubbles - they loved it though!

5. I told Ethan that his and Judah's nose's look the same (they do!) and he kept on trying to 'clean' his nose to make it look different. didn't work. It's adorable when they're next to each other in the tub and you see the similarities in their faces.

6. We watched Astroboy on Saturday night as a family on Netflix (gotta love the instant streaming!) and Ethan LOVED it! New favorite movie. He's now 'Astroboy'.

7. Ethan had swimming lessons on Monday and insisted that his instructor call him Astroboy. She's a sweetheart and called his that for the whole lesson;)

8. Weeks ago (like 3 or so) Joe and I went on a little get-a-way to a cabin about 2 hours south - I still have the pictures on my camera and hope (soon!) to get them on here soon! It's an adorable little place:)

9. Speaking on cameras...I am being so LAZY with getting my pictures off that and onto my computer! argh. Every time I think of it I'm too tired or something. someday. I promise:)

10. I LOVE cake mix cookies. So easy. So simple. So yummy. I'm going to go make some:)

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