Friday, January 29, 2010

How can we do that?

Ethan is extremely observant and has been really paying attention while I'm driving. Somehow (probably me or Joe) he learned that red=stop and green=go and he LOVES to point out what color the lights are as we're driving.

Tonight we were driving home and, as usual, he was informing me: "mommy that light is red that means to stop!" and then "now it's green you can go now mommy!"

Well...we come up to a light and it's red (so I stop) and Ethan tells me to stop. I'm going to take a right turn and I tell Ethan I'm going to turn (trying to explain you can do that on red) and as I'm turning I hear a chorus of "mommy nooooo how can we turn on red? you can't go on red! It's not green! don't go mommy! how can we turn on red? you can't go on red!....." and on and on!

I tried my hardest to explain that you can turn right on reds... we'll see if he processed it next time we're driving and that tricky right turn on red comes along!

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