Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 on Tuesday - Wednesday Edition

Somehow Tuesday slipped right by here's a sweet and quick 10 on Wednesday!

1. We brought the kids to the State Fair last week; both boys (plus me and Joe) LOVED it! Can't wait for next year!

2. We spent Labor Day weekend up on my parents boat in the Apostle Islands; a little chilly but beautiful sunshine all weekend!

3. I tackled our breakfast bar last Friday. By tackled I mean I de-cluttered and re-organized everything! That was our catch-all spot and now it's sparkly clean:)

4. Ethan and I started homeschool preschool this week! He loves it! We got almost a week worth of reading (Lit, Science, etc..) in one sitting....he loves to read:)

5. Judah has started to sing:) He sings a 'dad-oo' song....."dad-oooo; dad-oooo" music to Joe's ears!

6. Sylvan went back to their school year schedule which means I know work in the evenings...over the summer I was able to do late afternoons but now it's back to evenings...

7. I know how to perfectly (and I mean perfectly) hard boil an egg. My brother Luke taught me and I am so grateful.
*cover eggs with cold water
*bring to boil
*boil for 10 min
*transfer to bowl of ice water for 3 min
*wipe dry and you have yourself a perfectly hard boiled egg!

8. I think Ethan's in a growth spurt: he slept in till almost 8 (yes, you read right - 8!) this morning and then fell asleep during his rest time for a few hours! My little man is growing up...

9. I get old fashioned rolled oats on WIC and am constantly looking for new ways to use them up (me and my kids don't prefer hot cereal) - I've done cookies and muffins so far...

10. Joe and I are going to the National DG conference in a few weeks and just booked our hotel room! Yeah!

I'm hoping to find some time to load pictures soon....stay tuned!

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