Monday, September 13, 2010

Frugalista and a cute drawing

We're trying to watch our budget (who isn't these days right?) and I love the challenge of cutting our grocery bill down to size. I use up what's in our pantry, utilize all our WIC groceries (free food! love it:), search for sales and coupons and have a detailed list when I go to the store.

I went grocery shopping this morning for the week and was very pleased with my grand total. $15.something. yep. 15 dollars! I had 2 WIC vouchers (that in itself is a huge savings/blessing!) and I'm using up all the stuff we have at home.

I totally re-purposed our leftovers for dinner tonight. Friday we had tacos: taco meat, black beans, corn. Tonight I mixed the leftover taco meat and black beans with a little enchilada sauce, rolled it in tortillas, smothered it with remaining sauce and cheese and baked away! Served it with the leftover corn and some new's that for watching your budget? oh yeah.

To top off my Target grocery run I walked by the shoe section and saw sandals for 75% off....I haven't gotten new sandals for 2 summers - I got some super cute ones for $3. booya.

Onto the cute drawing part....during school today we were doing leaf rubbings and Ethan wanted to draw a person next to the leaf; the person later was identified as 'mommy' :) I may be biased but I think that's a pretty stinkin good drawing for a 3 year old!! *pardon the orange leaf rubbings in the background....*
My little student is turning into quite the artist! I love it!

*I have some GREAT pictures from a train ride we took on Saturday I'm going to get up soon....the boys had an absolute blast on it! Choo Choo!

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