Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. I'm constantly doing laundry. Constantly. I have to go switch a load now....

2. Ok- I just switched a load....Now hopefully I have motivation to fold it later. Have I ever mentioned I hate folding laundry? I do.

3. I told Ethan we would make cookies last night and when we went to make them I found we were out of eggs! Thank you, handy google, for a delicious egg-less chocolate chip cookie recipe!

4. We went to the orchard on Sunday for my mom's 50th birthday - it was beautiful weather and so much fun! I'll post more pics and details later:)5. My mom went for a motorcycle ride with Tyler for her birthday party too....
6. I've been using http://www.pocketyourdollars.com/ to find coupons for my groceries the last few weeks. I LOVE IT. I think I'm going to start tracking how much I save when I use coupons...watch for posts on that! So far I've saved $20 on my first order and $14 on my second...yeah!

7. The DG national conference is this weekend...I am so excited! Hooray for great speakers and a fun hotel room!

8. Ethan loves to read! Just like his daddy:)
9. Ethan also loves his school work! (which involves a lot of books) - he's been cruising through his workbooks....completed like 2 weeks worth in one sitting today:) I find it humorous that he gets mad when I tell him it's time to stop!

10. I can NOT believe it's almost October. Time is seriously flying around here.

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