Monday, September 27, 2010

Puzzle Maniac!

-Is my new nick name for Ethan. That kids loves them! He seriously sat and did puzzles for over an hour this afternoon - great for the brain:) I'm personally no good at them so I am so impressed with his throw in there that he's 3 and it's stinkin amazing. I'm just saying.He's past those toddler-wood-put-in-the-spot puzzles (Judah loves those now) and onto the big boy kind! We are 'borrowing' a 3 pack of puzzles from my parents (they had them on the boat and Ethan discovered his love of puzzle-ing with them). They range in size and number of pieces...his favorite is the "hardest one!" (48 piece - shown below)
He can whip the 'hardest' one out in like 10 I wish I could do that:) Maybe I should practice with him - I bet he could give me some pointers:) It's so cute to hear him articulate what's going on in his brain..."here's part of the red firetruck; where's the other parts of the red firetruck? Oh there's the red part! Does it fit here....oh here it goes! I need to find the little mouse; where's the mouse? Oh there's the mouse piece!" and on and on.....

I sit and stare and smile:)

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