Friday, March 5, 2010

Making A Habit

So I've heard it takes 21 days to make/break a habit. I'm putting that to the test....

Here's my habit I'm trying to break and the NEW one I'm trying to make in it's place...

Old Habit: Make dinner; sit down and enjoy eating with the family; move all the dishes to the kitchen counter....and LEAVE THEM. I say I'll do them later; I want to relax and let my food 'settle in'; real life this equates to the dishes, with all the leftover food on them still, sitting on the counter all evening and sometimes they are still there in the morning! Not a fun way to start your day; staring at all those dirty dishes. Plus, it normally stinks too - literally. Old food sitting over night...not a good smell:)

New Habit: I am training myself to do the dishes and put away leftovers RIGHT AWAY after dinner and then run the dishwasher. The first few days were tough but I am beginning to realize how nice it is to have a clean kitchen for the rest of the evening and then to wake up to sparkling counters and a dishwasher full of clean dishes! And it only takes like 5-10 minutes to do! Pros definitely outweigh the cons in this one.

I have stuck to this plan for almost a week now...I'm banking on once those 21 days go by it won't be a pain anymore! Just a good habit that I do:) Some habits can be good and I think this one (if I make it a habit) will be beneficial for everyone!

Do you have any habits you are trying to break or trying to create? Has the 21 day rule proven true with you? I'm planning on posting an update in a few weeks....bloggers hold me accountable!

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