Saturday, July 17, 2010

The mind of a 3 year old

Last night I got to take a peek inside of Ethan's mind....this is how it went....

**background: I had just put him to bed; our routine is we read books while he eats a tiny snack and drink a small drink; then he goes potty and brushes his teeth; then into bed to pray***

Me: Goodnight Ethan, I love you!

*I leave the room*
*about 30 minutes later*

Ethan: (softly) mommy? mommy? come in here mommy.

Me: (go into his room) what's is it Ethan?

Ethan: mommy, my tummy hurts.

Me: I'm sorry sweetie, have you tried laying on your tummy?
**that's what we suggest for when his tummy hurts with #2 pains**

Ethan: yeah - I already tried that 2 times; I layed on my tummy 2 times and it still hurts

Me: ok - do you want a cuddle?

Ethan: yeah....

Me: (while holding cuddling him) do you think you have some poopies?

Ethan: no. I don't have any poopies

*I continue to hold him while he relaxes*

*about 30 seconds later*
Ethan: mommy...I think I drank too much juice before bed. I need to pee some out. Maybe next time I won't drink so much juice before bed. My tummy hurts.

*we went potty and sure enough he peed out A LOT. I mean A LOT.

Me: (back in his room) Good night Ethan, I love you

Ethan: Good night - remember tomorrow I don't want that much juice. It made my tummy hurt.

I was super impressed that he was able to figure out why his tummy hurt! And that he tried the methods we normally suggest for an upset tummy (laying on it) was so cute to be holding him and literally see the light bulb go off when he realized he drank too much juice!
Oh I love my little thinker:)

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