Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Full Term Tomorrow

I cannot believe I will be FULL TERM tomorrow! well, I guess I can believe it since this little man have inhabited my body for the last 9+ months:)

The past 37 weeks have both flown by and seem like forever (more so on the 'flown by' side though..)

I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks the past few weeks/months and I'm hoping soon they turn into the real deal! I had a few today that were noticeably harder so.....hopefully soon! Getting the prep work done downtown I say;)

Any guesses on when the babe will come? I'm guessing within a week or 1.5 week - that may be wishful prego-mama talk but I've dropped and I'm 'softened' and Braxton Hicks are taking up my days....only time will tell!!

I would post an almost 37 week pic but I don't have one and honestly I don't want to move off this couch to take one right now -- sorry folks. I'm hoping to get one for tomorrow's actual '37 week' update post. Just take last week's picture and add an inch and some bags under my tired eyes:)

p.s. I got the most adorable swimsuit top for my waterbirth today! Well, as adorable as you can look full-term prego in a sports bra-ish swim top... The one I was originally going to use was an old top of mine and when I tried it on and remembered how my ribcage gets much bigger when prego - good excuse to buy a cute one right? I think so.

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