Thursday, August 12, 2010

color a cookie

A few days (maybe even a week by now) ago I was grocery shopping with the boys at Super Target and in the produce department Ethan spotted some 'Dora' cookies. I stopped and looked at them and decided to splurge (not that much of a splurge....6 cookies for like 3 bucks)

The cool thing about these cookies are that they are interactive! You COLOR them with markers - weird. They are edible ink markers. So...we colored our cookies and then ate them! Actually, we colored them in the evening and then put them in baggies (each of us had our OWN baggie as directed by Ethan) and then ate them the next day.
Here's big boy Ethan eating his in my spot - he looks like such a BIG BOY in this! Where'd by toddler go?
Judah was showing me his cookie...
Nothing like eating your artwork outside with your buddy:)

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