Saturday, October 16, 2010

Double Daze

I took my coupon-ing to a whole new level this week: I went on Double Daze. I forgot about it (or rather I heard about it a long time ago and never went) - Rainbow offers Double Daze on Wednesday's and Saturday's where they will double your manufacturers coupons! (unless noted on the coupon of course..)

Man, did I score.

I went and got a TRUCKLOAD of groceries (more than normal because of the good deals) and spent around my 'normal' amount!

Spent: $67.44
SAVED: $35.79
Percent Saved: 35%


I think I may switch my grocery day to Wednesday (normally it's Thursday) if I'm going to shop at Rainbow! I vary where I shop depending on where the best deals are...if I have manufacturer coupons with my list...Rainbow it will be! Can't beat it:)

Have I mentioned I love saving money? I do. I also love new recipes....I've been trying a few new ones out and so far ALL have been a success! Here's hoping to find time to share them with the blogsphere!

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